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This unique ENUSHI EDITION of the HCigar Fodi features a number of changes that are different from the standard production version of the HCigar Fodi:

  • Serial numbers relocated to the bottom of the tank
  • Unique Enushi serial numbers
  • Enushi logo on the base
  • Vapes by Enushi vape band included
  • The biggest difference, is the inclusion of a high performance mid-bore high airflow top cap made of Ultem 1000, designed and manufactured 100% in Canada with upgraded o-rings!

In testing, the standard production version of the HCigar Fodi had a number of downfalls that were improved upon in the Enushi Edition:

  • The stainless steel top cap transferred heat very quickly, especially above 50W.
  • Air flow was a bit too restricted with the standard drip tip.
  • Flavour and vapour output was not as good as it could have been.

Thus, a custom made top cap was made for the Fodi, made of Ultem 1000.

Ultem 1000 is a high performance thermoplastic resin which offers outstanding elevated thermal resistance, high strength, and stiffness, with a wide range of resistance to various chemicals and juice types. Many high end atomizers these days are already using Ultem for various heat insulation applications.

Designed and manufactured 100% in Canada, this Ultem top cap features a mid-bore sized integrated mouth piece which allows for greater air flow, while still being comfortable on the user’s mouth. All standard accessories, vape bands, top cap, drip tip, and spare parts will be included with the Enushi Edition Fodi.

The o-rings on the Ultem 1000 top cap are upgraded Nitrile (BUNA-N) of a 70 durometer (15x1mm) for improved durability over the standard silicone o-rings.

A removable spitback guard that sits in the standard top cap prevents hot liquid from spitting into the user’s mouth. In our testing, the Fodi had extremely low to no spitback at all, so the Ultem cap was designed to not fit this spitback guard, which allowed us to smooth out all internal edges for better air flow.

Included swirled acrylic drip tip and silicone band are practical yet attractive accessories.

316 grade stainless steel and Pyrex (borosilicate) tank holds up to 2.5ml of liquid.

A two-post design with adjustable bottom air flow setup allows for extremely easy single or dual coil builds with incredible flavour and cloud production. Single coil builds requires the use of an included insert which not only closes up air and juice flow for one side of the deck, but also reduces the chamber in half for increased flavour production.

The top coil deck design allows for a number of benefits compared to bottom coil designs, such as:

  • Improved flavour (greater warmth) as it is closer to the user’s mouth, which results in less travel time between the coil and inhalation. This provides dripper-like flavour.
  • Separation of the heating chamber from the liquid will prevent spoiling (darkening) of the liquid due to excessive heat contact.
  • Separation of the liquid from the top deck allows users to drip directly on to the coils as desired, but can easily revert back to tank mode when set up like an auto-dripper.


  • High performance Ultem 1000 top cap with integrated mid-bore mouth piece delivers higher vapour and flavour production while minimizing heat transfer to the user’s mouth.
  • Ultem top cap is designed and manufactured 100% in Canada.
  • Upgraded Nitrile (BUNA-N) O-rings on Ultem top cap for improved durability and fitment stability.
  • Bottom air flow design allows improved flavour and cloud production.
  • Easy top fill.
  • Two post design allows for extremely easy builds that automatically centers coils between the posts.
  • Top coil deck design to create a dripper-like experience, and to separate heat from liquid chamber.
  • Pyrex tank can handle any kind of liquid.
  • Anti-spitback guard in standard top cap prevents hot liquid from firing into the user’s mouth.
  • Adjustable cyclops air flow for a wide range of air flow options.
  • Single or dual coil builds.
  • Included chamber reduction plug for use with single coil builds will plug up the unused air and liquid inlets, and also reduce the size of the evaporation chamber for increased flavour production.
  • Top fill plug design.
  • Includes silicone bands of multiple sizes and colours to protect glass.
  • Includes silicone o-rings of various colours for the tank to customize for your personal style.
  • Includes acrylic swirl drip tip.
  • Metal components made from 316 grade stainless steel.
  • Ceramic insulator underneath the center post assembly can withstand high temperatures while preventing heat transfer to other areas of the tank.
  • 2.5 ml capacity
  • 22mm diameter
  • 48mm tall (Enushi Edition top cap with integrated mouth piece)
  • 55mm tall (standard top cap and 510 drip tip)
  • Available with either silver barrel or black barrel.
  • 6 drip tip colours also available: Red, blue, purple, yellow, green, white, or black. Drip tips will be a random selection unless specified in order notes.

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